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What makes a leader? The characteristics good leaders share

Following the recent success day where we recognised our top 30 business leaders in the UK it seems appropriate to

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The secrets of successful people – is there a magic formula?

What are the secrets of successful people. Is there a magic formula for success? Well there are definitely some traits that

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When the going gets tough, the tough get gritty

 When the going gets tough, the tough get gritty I have recently been watching an easy to view TV programme

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Developing a clear vision for your life & why it matters

We talk a lot about goals in building a business with Forever, short term, longer term, they’re important; they are

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Self-esteem and why you must build it

What is self-esteem? It’s our confidence in ourselves and in our abilities.  Do you have high self-esteem? What do you

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Leadership in the kitchen & what we can learn from chefs

The secret is out; I am a fan of cookery programmes and it’s not just for the food, Chefs teach

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The magic of finding your ‘Path of Purpose’

Those of you who are coming to Forever’s Success Event this weekend in Glasgow will be lucky enough to hear Brian

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12 New Year Resolutions for success in your Forever business

Happy New Year –  I hope you are excited about 2017 and all that you are going to create this

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About Bob

Bob, the elder of two sons grew up in Stourbridge in the West Midlands where his family owned and ran a bakery and cake shop. He attended Brierly Hill School; Bob and school life were not a fit and so instead he channelled his energies into running a successful mobile DJ business and two market stalls selling clothing. By the time Bob left school he was earning more than his teachers and possibly even the Headmaster.

Happy to be free from the ties of school he started his professional career in financial services working on commission only selling life insurance and pensions breaking away to start his own brokerage age 23. In 1985 he started a sales training business under the umbrella of a Design and PR company that had clients seeking help in developing sales expertise. On leaving that role over the next nine years he successfully developed, marketed and delivered sales training courses throughout the UK.

Bob started his own Forever business in 1994 becoming manager within six months and a senior manager within a year. Forever was in its infancy in the UK and it became apparent that Bob’s training skills along with his first wife Dorne’s beauty and skincare background were a great asset in helping others. They became area managers for the West Midlands and in July 1999 Bob was appointed Country Manager for the UK and Iceland, and in 2003 Country Manager for Ireland.

Always driven Bob doesn’t believe in doing anything by halves; he is an accomplished skier – as are both of his sons, prior to a knee injury he played a lot of football, and still retains a huge passion for the game as a spectator. Aged 40 he took up Thai boxing becoming a black belt within two and a half years. His next sporting goal is on the horizon – to become a scratch golfer.